Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cake Truffles ARE HERE!!

Dug up from the beautiful scenery of my Blakery, cake truffles have finally rolled their way onto BlakeyCakes!
 The S'more Truffle - The premier cake truffle encompassing all of the chocolatey goodness of my S'more cupcakes into its cake truffle counterpart. A soft, moist, chocolate cake inside with a bit of marshmallow and fudge filling encased by a bittersweet chocolate shell covered in graham cracker crumbs.
  •  Vanilla Cake with a buttercream frosting center covered in white confection with dark chocolate and butterscotch stripes! (top)
  • Little specks of sea salt with butterscotch to compliment the sweetness. (bottom)

 Chocolate cover with white chocolate chunks. The cake inside is a surprise;)

  • Cake flavors: Classic Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana Nut, Coffee Cake, Red Velvet, Brownie, Chocolate Chip, Lemon, Strawberry, Pumpkin.
  • Fillings: Vanilla Buttercream ( plain or any color), Cream Cheese, Raspberry, Strawberry, Chocolate Fudge, Marshmallow, Meringue, Caramel,
  • (Outside patterns may slightly vary:)
  • Or just have one of my already popular cupcake creations made into a truffle!
  • Vegan cake truffles available too for an extra $3.
  • Box of 1 Dozen( 2 Flavors max): $32
  • Box of 8 Truffles ( 1 Flavor max): $25
  • Custom colors available to match any party theme! 
  • ADD on edible, decorative flowers for $6/ dozen or $4 / 8 truffles.
  • Can Be Shipped Nation-Wide!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Decadent Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Double-Dipped)

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Double-dipped to perfection, these juicy, sumptuous strawberry delights are sure to satisfy all chocoholic urges. All chocolate used is of super high quality with dark chocolate ranging from 60-70% pure cocoa content!

Top row (from left to right): Dark chocolate with mini chocolate chips, plain dark chocolate with white chocolate strips, dark & white chocolate with chocolate strips, dark chocolate w/ walnuts, and the other white/dark chocolate with shredded coconut.

NOTE: You may choose which toppings you want with what kind of chocolate (White, Milk, and Dark Chocolate).
Shipping to anywhere in the USA is Available!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy V-day!!

A HUGE, hearty thanks for all those enjoying my scrumptious Valentine's Day cupcakes!!  I have some new creations coming your way within the next week! I'm so excited for what I have planned:)  
Have a sweeeet V-day!!!!